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The McHugh Company Gets Things Done. 

Most association management companies do the 'basics' well including invoicing & collecting dues, plan meetings, manage the back office. 

The McHugh Company difference is that we do the 'basics' AND we know your industry, speak it's langauage every day and 'Get Things Done'.

Our Services can be complete association mangement, industry advocacy, and/or just the parts you need:

  • Full Association Management
  • Membership Development & Retention
  • Financial Processing & Stewardship
  • Planning Meetings, Programs & Conferences
  • Servicing Membership & Industry
  • Industry Advocacy
  • Building Code Development
  • Education Development & Delivery
  • Accreditation Programs
  • Magazine Development and Manangement
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Trade Show Management
  • Website Creation and Management

At The McHugh Company we 'live your industry' and represent it for you, with you.  We know how to manage associations. What makes us different is our ability to understand your needs, and translate them into action in the outside world that means something for your membership.

The McHugh Company

One Source, One Call, One Team

We get things done...

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