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The McHugh Company (TMC) Leaders

Connecting Together

Bill McHugh, CSI, MBA
Cathy Burns

Lindsey Dutkiewicz

Kriston Ewoldt

Karen Fouts

Linda McHugh

Jessica Roque

Rich Walke

Tracey Windisch

Bill McHugh, CSI, MBA - President, TMC

Bill McHugh has been involved in the construction industry over 39 years, focusing on several industries including firestopping, fireproofing, roofing and waterproofing.

He has been Executive Director of the Firestop Contractors International Association (FCIA) since its inception, serving as a steering committee member during FCIA's 1999 incorporation. In addition, he's Executive Director for the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association and National Fireproofing Contractors Association. 

Bill has worked for Fortune 500 and smaller Construction Product Manufacturing Companies. He was with a firestopping distributor, contractor and consultant in the Chicago, IL area before moving into Association Management full time - starting with FCIA.

Bill's depth of knowledge in the Thermal and Moisture Protection areas, including Firestopping, Fireproofing/Fire-Resistance, Roofin and Waterproofing, has made him a leader in technical information and industry practice.  Often asked to present and write articles for contractors, building officials/fire marshals, architects/engineers and building owners nationally and internationally, he has been published widely.

Bill is a past-president, Construction Specificications Institute Northern Illinois Chapter, past CSI National Institute Director, North Central Region President.

He is a member and task group chair at American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), served pm International Code Council (ICC)'s 2012 & 2015 Fire Safety Code Development Committee, Adhoc Committee on Terrorism Resistant Buildings, International Accreditation Services (IAS) Board of Directors, isa member of Construction Specifications Canada, National Fire Protection Fire Protection Features Committeee, Association (NFPA), World Organization of Building Officials.

Bill has been an author on the "Firestop Manual of Practice" at FCIA and NFCA's Handbook of Fireproofing Knowledge.  He is publisher of Life Safety Digest, the Magazine of Effective Compartmentation. He has had numerous articles published in the The Construction Specifier, Construction Specifications Canada, Midwest Construction, National Insulation Association "Outlook", the Licensed Architect Magazine, Sealant Restoration and Waterproofing Institute. He published a book - "A Firestopping Guideline for Mechanical and Electrical Installations" in 1994.

Bill holds a BA from North Central College and an MBA from Western Illinois University. Bill McHugh can be contacted at 4415 W. Harrison St., #540, Hillside, IL 60162, Phone 630.220-0947 Email Bill.

Cathy Burns, Associate Director, Membership

Cathy's experience as a business owner, market research specialist and customer contact provides an analytical approach to TMC's service to assocations. She has a great grasp of how to get things done as the association needs, day in and day out. She has a BA degree in Marketing and Communications.

Lindsey Dutkiewicz, Associate Director, Marketing

Lindsey has a background in sales, marketing, theater, advertising, website design and maintenance and much more. From a lifelong construction industry family, she understands the day to day life of TMC client members. She has a BA Degree in Theatre from St. Louis University.

Kriston Ewoldt, Associate Director, Membership, Marketing & Events

Kriston's long history working in association management, conference sourcing, contracting, and operations provides TMC clients with professionalism, buying power, and relationships. With  a Marketing Degree from IL State Univ., her skills help TMC build client membership, great events, and more.

Karen Fouts, Adminstration

Karen has wide experiences in adminstrative positions in many environments.  She provides TMC with accurate research and process improvement in many ways.

Linda McHugh, Associate Director, Adminstration

Linda's career in adminstration the banking industry and as a volunteer at various organizations has benefitted associations served by TMC. She serves TMC Clients with a passion for their culture and issues providing important association continuity even with volunteer turnover.  Linda has a BA Degree in Commnications and Marketing from Western Illinois University.

Jessica Roque, Associate Director, Membership & Marketing

Jessica has worked with TMC since her teenage years. It's a real compliment to us and TMC's Clients that she has chosen to spend her career at TMC.   With a Univ. of IL Degree in Psycology, experience in the not-for-profit environmet, classes in association management at Northwestern University, she brings value beyond her years.

Rich Walke, CTI, Inc. Technical

Rich has been a TMC friend since we started. His 42+years experience at UL in Fire-testing and other disciplines provides additional depth of knowledge to all TMC client associations.  

Tracey Windisch, Finance, Associate Director

Tracey brings to TMC a wealth of financial knowledge in bookkeeping, finance, and operations. He adminstrative skills provide TMC clients with structure needed to operate.   Tracey has a degree in Finance from the University of Iowa.

'The Support Staff'  

Any good company has a backbone of staff available to serve clients various administrative and other needs, from accounting and finance, administration to website development, research, creative design, code and standards development, public relations and other services.

Our flexible staff means less overhead and better value for Clients.

The McHugh Company (TMC) has the resources to meet your needs.  Call us!

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