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The McHugh Company (TMC) is group of professional non-profit organization managers and staff that specializes in 'the business of trade association management and industry development'. 

Strategic initiatives are accomplished through an intimate knowledge of your membership and industry, the hard work of staff and volunteers from the group, and strong personal relationships outside the group in the industry to make things happen.  The result; a positive industry experience for all involved. Volunteers, TMC, you....the Membership and Board. 

What we do

No matter what type of group, association or organization, it can be successful when it is managed efficiently and productively with industry experience to guide decision-making by association leaders.

We provide services giving Board's peace of mind when it comes the basics of association management - meetings, dues, news - and add industry knowledge in standards, specification, code development and regulatory services activities to make things happen.

Here's highlights of what we do with your group:

  • Mission & Vision Statements
  • Full Association Management
  • Association Program Development
  • Industry Advocacy
  • Code & Standards Development
  • Effective Member Communications
  • Websites, Creative & Well Traveled
  • Event Planning, Negotiations and Management
  • Trade Show Planning and Execution
  • Finance and Administration
  • Accreditation Programs
  • Industry 'Body of Knowledge' development
  • Advertising & PR Campaigns
  • Consulting

How we work with you

Our staff of professionals works with your group to understand directions for the group, then offer input, and get to work making goals become reality. We can work with you on any of the specialites mentioned above.

Your goals, your direction, your expectations, we find ways to make things happen, short and long term

From startup groups to mature organization clients, TMC Staff gets it done. 

Association management services, industry advocacy and development, plus everything in between. 

We look forward to working with you and your group!

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